Me, Moi and I

After completing my Humanities degree (and getting a frickin first!) I decided it was about time I actually start writing on a site I had created a while back now.

At 17 I moved out of my grandparents house, in search of a life of my own. almost 6 years later and a lot has happened. I’m 22, I’ve recently quit my job, handed my notice in to end my tenancy and am in the process of selling many of my possessions. Why? Because my partner and I are off traveling 😀

From the 1st of October 2015, we will be heading out to Thailand and then to Australia over the course of a year…or longer…who knows!

I leave with an open mind, hoping to find happiness over the next year. Above all, I would like to experience culture.

I hope to use this blog to write what comes to mind, to write what I dream of, and to share my short stories.

Here goes!

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